FABian® is an automatic laboratory device for the selection of specific cells and proteins from a suspension e.g. from whole blood or buffy coat. Equipped with the innovative Fab-TACS–selection technology by IBA GmbH FABian® claims to fully convince in design and functionality. Due to this device the user is able to select a maximum of high quality functional target cells within a very short time, which are characterized by a high purity and viability.

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CELLina® is a fully automatic, closed system for the selection of specific cells and proteins from a suspension such as whole blood. Just as FABian®, CELLina® applies the innovative Fab-TACS -technology by IBA GmbH, which provides the user with a great number of authentic cells within a minimum of time.

The selection process takes place in a sterile hose system in which two selection columns are integrated. CELLina® enables a cell selection from a 500 ml initial suspension. Hence, a donor blood bag can directly be connected with the hose system without intermediate steps for the isolation of specific cell types. The fully automatic process is controlled by a specially developed software. By this means, a user specific recording and tracking of each selection process is possible as well as the central synchronization of multiple devices via  online interface. Additionally, we intend the development of a pairing mode that allows an automatic serial isolation of specific cell types by a direct device linking.

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CURTain® is a portable safety encasement for FABian® driven by gas pressure springs. CURTain® protects FABian® users from aerosols, blood splashes and spills. For lifting CURTain® up and down a simple pushing mechanism is integrated. The aluminum rack promises extra stability and device protection.


  • no current
  • easy to use
  • portable
  • maintenance-free
  • easy to clean
  • transparent acrylic glass allows process monitoring

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venQver® is a pinch valve for the management of liquid transport within a hose system.

The OEM component is designed for the use with temperature-sensitive fluids and is equipped with a flexible adjustable valve head.




  • no turbulent flows
  • no temperature development
  • flexible adjustable valve head
  • possibility of frontal hose insertion
  • customizable hose routing
  • two different sizes available (83 mm / 66 mm)
  • space-saving installation due to angled construction

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